Virtual World, Virtual Car Dealerships – Buy Online Through Car Finder Services And Save Money

Everyday, the world of the virtual marketplace gets more real. Dealers, owners, salespeople and services around the world are learning the value of putting their stores online. The automotive manufacturing, marketing and dealership sectors have a greater reliance and expertise in knowledge management than any other industry. This extends to viable E-commerce and cutting-edge online presentation of value-added products. In October of 2005, the New York Times reported that according to the National Automobile Dealers Association, 94% of the dealers in the US have websites with many of them registered through car finder services. The monthly average customers that visited any given dealer site were 230, as compared to a monthly average of 116 in 2004. Consumers are not just window-shopping or researching possible on-lot purchases, they are buying online at a dramatically increasing rate. Typical dealer sales conducted entirely online have increased from an average of 4.9 to 7.5 monthly in just two short years. 1.6 million people a month now buy their vehicles online. This is a staggering statistic. However, given the outstanding customer service and convenience provided by virtual car dealerships, it’s no surprise. This is part of a worldwide upward trend in auto related site traffic and business. Although site traffic numbers are higher in Germany, Sweden, and Holland, online sales are 60% higher in the USA than the world average.

One of the advantages of the online marketplace and virtual dealership sites is the fact that comparison-shopping is more convenient and less confusing for the consumer. For example, you are more times than not looking at a limited selection of make, model and inventory when you visit your local dealer. The price is approximately whatever the salesperson says it is. Knowing that auto sales are always negotiable, and that most salespersons work from commission, you are immediately put on notice that if you want a good deal, you will have to haggle. Offers and counter-offers then ensue. The salesperson plays the “good cop” role as he shuffles off with offers to a mysteriously absent manager or “bad cop” that is, of course, reportedly inflexible and steadfast. You, on the other hand, sit and twiddle your thumbs for hours on end waiting for a reasonable counter-offer. Usually eight or ten hours later, you are tired, confused, stressed out, and just plain exasperated. You may or may not have worked out a deal. Many car-buyers consider this a frustrating experience, not a satisfying or pleasurable one. Thanks to advancing IT technology and online virtual dealer showrooms, the scenario described above is becoming less common all the time.

The online marketplace allows you to select from an entire world of inventory and options. All makes and all models are available. MSRP and invoice cost are available and price quotes are yours for the asking. Many dealership sites will provide you with a complete detailed list of options and specifications on any make and model that may have caught your interest. Multiple views and zoom features are available for new and some late model vehicles. Some more advanced virtual showrooms can even provide three hundred and sixty degree interior scans. Do you want to hear what your new high performance vehicle sounds like? Yes, you can hear it online in some virtual showrooms. You can access financial worksheets that will calculate your monthly payments right down to the penny. You can do everything short of kicking the tires and taking the test drive. Online, there are no grandiose showrooms, in-your-face sales promotions, prizes, colorful décor, or overdressed salespersons to drive the dealer’s overhead off the chart. There are no mysteries. On car finder sites like, you can provide a description of exactly what type of vehicle you are looking for and your zip code. You receive a prompt reply from a trusted in-network dealer in your area. This is not an auto-reply with a generic message. You receive a phone call from an actual local salesperson with all the information you need. This includes the availability, the value-added price, and answers to any questions you might have. In addition, there is no cost or obligation to use many of these services.

The value of the in-network dealer is obvious: They have made a commitment to provide consumers with the lowest possible price. A quote at rock bottom price results because the dealers’ cost to obtain you, as a customer is almost zero. These savings can then be passed on to you. We are talking about prices that are usually one percent over the dealer’s invoice. This is a huge bargain by anyone’s standards. There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration to determine pricing at this stage of the online buying experience. One of them, of course, is supply and demand. If a vehicle is in high demand, the price can be as high as the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). However, the fact that you are dealing with an in-network dealer is going to carry more than adequate weight into the quote you receive. You get the lowest possible price and the best quality service available anywhere by using a car finder service online. You get the virtual royal treatment with this system.

Use The Net When It Comes To Getting The Cheapest Car Finance Quotes

The internet opens up a whole new world when it comes to getting the best and cheapest bargains and when it comes to getting car finance you can use it to get the cheapest car finance quotes possible. A much better way than searching through the vast amount of lenders yourself is to go with a specialist broker. A broker has the knowledge and means to find you the best deal in the shortest time possible which can help to save you a great deal of money.

While car finance isn’t that hard to find when you go online, sorting through the vast amount of online insurers does take time and you will have to search if you want the cheapest car finance quotes. Knowing where to look for the best deals can be a problem and very often while you get a cheap quote; it isn’t the cheapest out there.

A car loan is always to the best way when it comes to getting cheap finance. If your broker searches for a fixed rate loan then you can take advantage of the fact that the repayments on the loan will stay the same despite what the rate of interest does. Perhaps the only downside to a fixed rate loan is that if the interest rates are particularly high at the moment then this will reflect on the quote and if they should come down, then you are stuck paying more.

Some providers will also throw in extras to entice you to go with them when taking out a car loan, for example they might offer 6 months free insurance alongside the loan or so much off the cost of tax. Again, a broker will be able to find these deals along with a low rate of interest for you.

One of the biggest advantages of taking a car loan is that you are able to shop around when it actually comes to buying the car. Very often you will be able to get something knocked off the asking price of the car at a dealership or you have the option of going to a private buyer. A car loan is the cheapest way of financing your new car and going with a broker to find you the cheapest car finance quotes is the best solution.

The 3m Clear Bra – A Car-Lover’s Dream Come True

The 3m clear bra is a fantastic invention for any car-lover who treats his prized possession like a true friend. A mans best friend in this day and age is not always the family dog. Sometimes a car can replace a great pet and nothing hurts more than noticing that first scratch or dent on your favorite automobile. However, traditional protective bras are not the most appealing option for car owners who feverishly want to guard their investments at all costs.

The trouble with the traditional protective covering is simply due to the fact that it literally covers the magnificent machine. No real car lover wants to hide his prized automobile under an ugly rubbery surface. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on the perfect finish only to cover it up with a protective layer. Unfortunately, many car owners had no other choice, either carelessly letting the car suffer with chips and scrapes or grumpily hiding the beautiful finish.

No more such dilemma. A car lover can now choose a 3m clear bra that protects the car by creating a transparent barrier between the cars finish and the natural destructive elements. The 3m clear bra is simply a protective film that is literally painted over the cars exterior. This product is commonly used on trucks, cars and vans of vehicle owners who cringe at the thought of a pebble getting near their priceless object.

The 3m clear bra is also used to protect headlights as well. The protective layer is commonly applied to the front of the vehicle and on the lenses of the headlights. The beauty of this material is that it is virtually undetectable. The original design of the vehicle is not changed in any way. The owner has the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the car is protected while having the luxury of enjoying his vehicle in its original state.

Some may wonder if the product is really as effective as the traditional protective cover. The 3m clear bra will protect the vehicle from chipping. The material was originally designed to be used on aircraft propellers to protect them from chipping. Surely the material will be effective at preventing chipping on vehicles as well.

Another concern is the clarity degree of the 3m clear bra. How clear is it, really? The manufacturer of the product boasts that the material is virtually undetectable unless the vehicle is very white in color. The clear coat is slightly visible on a stark white car when very closely examined but it is not detectable from a normal distance. You will see a faint line where the 3m clear bra stops but that is definitely better than an ugly bug shield or paint chips.

How To Buy Car Parts Online And Save Money

With so many advances in technology and access to the Internet, buying car parts online is as easy as owning a credit card or having a paypal account. The Internet today is the most widely used mode of communication. It is also the cheapest and the fastest mode of communication. The Internet is used widely by people to order items online. From accessories for computers, to ipods and digital cameras, to car accessories and car parts, it seems almost everything is bought or sold over the Internet. The Internet has now become a global market where people from all around the world can order items of any kind whatsoever.

Buying car parts online forms the crux of the topic today. There are hundreds of car-part dealers that have their own professional web sites published on the Internet. These web sites have thousands of car parts on display for the customer to choose from. The online parts dealers deal in parts for cars like Audi, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Honda, Ford, Mazda and many more car brands. The best advantage of these online car dealers is that you can order car parts at the click of a button at reasonable and discounted rates. These parts dealers have direct contact with the car parts warehouses and are able to procure parts at wholesale rates. The dealers pass on the savings to the final consumer by selling car parts at discounted rates.

These online dealers have a nation wide network of supplying car parts. It does not matter which part of the country the customer is staying. Once the customer places an order for the parts, the parts are shipped to the customer’s address with a reasonable amount added as shipping charges. Most of the car dealers have eliminated some of the middlemen in their distribution chain and are able to sell the car parts at cheaper rates. The parts that the car dealers sell are genuine and may also carry a warranty. If any of the car parts are found to be damaged by the customer, he can easily get them replaced. The car parts are durable and reliable since they are bought directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

Once you place an order with the dealer, the car parts are packed and then sent to you by courier. The car dealers may also have their own delivery agents. Delivery agents can be afforded if the car parts dealership is done on a large scale throughout the country. The online catalogs have all the car parts stated under various categories to make it easy for the customer to find the car parts that he wants to purchase. Many parts dealers also deal in used and refurbished parts. Therefore you can purchase car parts for any vehicle under one roof. The best parts dealers believe in customer loyalty and ensure that only top quality parts are sent to the customer on time. They always strive to excel in their operations.

We should urge some caution before you purchase parts online. Buy car parts only from genuine, reliable and reputable parts dealers that are members of a Better Business Bureau. Use a credit card company that can and will reverse charges if something bad happens. Also ask for discount as most of the car parts dealers will oblige you. Insist on a warranty (if available) for all car parts that you wish to purchase. When you get the parts delivered, check that all the parts are there. Check the warranties accompanying the car parts and check the present date is printed on the warranty. Keep the warranty seal or documents with you until the term of the warranty expires.

Finding The Cheapest Motor Finance Deal

When it comes to buying a new car then you will have to give some consideration as to how you are going to pay for it. There are many options for financing a new or used motor and the most popular two are finance with the dealership or taking out finance such as a personal loan or car loan. So how do you find the cheapest motor finance deal?

The best way to get the cheapest motor finance deal is to go online via a specialist broker. While you could look through the many lenders yourself for the cheapest deal there is a far better and quicker way, going with an independent broker. A broker will know exactly where to look to get the lowest rate of interest and the best terms for a car loan, and they will be able to save you a great deal of time and money.

Many also have access to exclusive internet only deals, which means you could be paying even less for your car loan.

The added advantages of taking out a car loan rather than taking the finance that the car dealer offers is that a broker will endeavour to find you the lowest rate possible on the interest. This means that over the term of the loan you will save money. If you ask the broker to get a fixed interest rate loan for you then you have the safety of knowing exactly how much the monthly repayment is going to cost you and won’t have to worry about the rise of interest rates.

Along with this you can go into the car dealership in a much better position. By paying cash you can often get something knocked off the asking price for the car and it is well worth haggling with the dealer when it comes to this. If you have cash from the loan then you can also widen your horizons when it comes to shopping for the car. Sometimes you can get a bargain by going with a private buyer rather than a car dealership.

So when it comes to finding the cheapest motor finance deal go online. Find yourself a specialist broker and let them do all the hard work for you. While you will have to pay a broker fees, in the long run the deal they can get for you could save you a lot more than those fees cost and is well worth it.

Car Hire Adds More To Alicante As A Holiday Destination

Alicante is perhaps best known for its airport and tens of thousands of holiday makers from across Europe will be travelling through the terminus on their way to established resorts such as Benidorm. Most visitors to this region of Spain will visit Alicante twice – on arrival and on departure. The region itself has a preconception of sand and sea but looking beyond the obvious and exploring further can reveal some hidden treasures for the more inquisitive traveller.

In short, Alicante is a good base for a more subtle holiday in the Costa Blanca. The attractions of the beaches and coast are a given in this area of Spain, but Alicante avoids the trappings of bright lights and nightlife so personified by its’ neighbours. Alicante is an upmarket town built around a modernised marina and provides a pleasant base to move around the wider Costa Blanca region – an area that has much appeal for the more discerning traveller.

In Alicante itself, the old quarter and beach front rival those of any coastal town or city in Spain. Old and new merge well with sympathetic regeneration of the area appealing to high end travellers looking to avoid the trappings of nearby Benidorm and Denia. Outside of the town itself, the old towns of the Costa Blanca region ( ) are a typical Spanish mix of Christian and Moorish architecture personified in the renowned church at Altea – one of the most symbolic sights in the region.

Exploring the Costa Blanca can be a rewarding experience and south of Alicante lie Murcia and Valencia – a thriving modern city with a strong historic and cultural backbone. Driving in the region is itself an attraction with meandering costal roads spattered with high cliffs and sandy beaches and alcoves. A good way to explore the region is to find car hire in Alicante ( ).

Back in Alicante, the range of hotels, restaurants and bars can be relied upon to while away the evening hours and the boardwalk and marina offer pleasant strolling opportunities and regular on street entertainment. Travelling through the Costa Blanca on your own terms proves to be a world away from the preconception of the region typified by Alicantes noisy and often garish neighbours.